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Pallet Masterpost by OtakuMutt Pallet Masterpost :iconotakumutt:OtakuMutt 3,208 349
Get Better At Drawing (Without Drawing Anything)
Art is a process.
Like that of the scientific method and philosophical alchemy, art can be refined and improved through process. From observation, to experiment, to reflection and conclusion, art is improved by the steps we make towards change, not solidification and stagnation. Much of the advice out there for drawing is simply “practice” or “avoid distractions”. This advice is good, but there is more to creation than just throwing yourself mindlessly into a task and avoiding bad habits along the way. Good habits and knowledge will help to excel your learning process faster, and from that, improve faster and more effectively.
Look at it
As an artist, observation is key. The skill we develop is not just seeing, but interpreting what we see, remembering what we have seen and recording it in the form of visual art. This is a skill that, aside from blindness or vision degradation, you will be able to improve during your entire life. The way of seeing from an art
:iconrobynrose:RobynRose 1,235 133
The art of improvement
5/4/2015 UPDATE: Added preface at the beginning and Inspiration at the end! added some thoughts on some other things I wanted to share.
Alright, so this is a comment and question I've been receiving a lot from people!
How did you improve so fast?

Firstly, I want to say I do not think of myself as a professional artist, teacher or someone who "knows the secret to becoming a master artist". These are just things that I have picked up over the years, and noticed so I thought I might as well share my experience with improvement in effort to help others find their own paths of improvement and learning as artists. There are still many things I have to learn, and wish to improve about my own art! The path of an artist is never ending, in my opinion!
I consider the beginning of my journey when I withdrew from college. I had decided to take a year off from school, to explore myself more as a person, gain confidence and rethink my path that I wanted to take in school. Of course,
:iconsteamed-bun:Steamed-Bun 358 61
The stuff that artists go through.
There are so many pro's and con as to being an artist, professional or as a hobby. 
It feels nice to be able to express yourself through something you make and when that something turns out to be looking good we get this sense of accomplishment. 
Most of the time though there are bad feelings mixed with the good ones.
:bulletblue: Not being understood. Those moments where your friends or family does not understand that you have to desire to be alone and work on your art. Those copious amounts of hours you spend working and they wonder why you wouldn't rather be outside relaxing in the sun or hang out with your friends.
The only people who will ever fully understand this are other artists or simply very understandable people. It's important they they will eventually understand so there wont be any hurt feelings. Try to explain ti as calmly and rational as you can, perhaps with using examples in terms they would understand.

:iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 358 100
Photoshop Animation Tutorial by Sitraxis Photoshop Animation Tutorial :iconsitraxis:Sitraxis 3,367 379
A Beginner AE Tutorial :iconelectricjonny:electricjonny 70 28
Toon Boom 101 :iconmarker-guru:Marker-Guru 67 57
plastic animation paper 101 :iconmarker-guru:Marker-Guru 71 63
Animation Course Lesson 1 - Time and Space by LPDisney Animation Course Lesson 1 - Time and Space :iconlpdisney:LPDisney 96 16 Animation Course Samples by LPDisney Animation Course Samples :iconlpdisney:LPDisney 123 19
Lip Sync For 2D Animation In Flash
Tricks, Tips And Techniques
Shortcuts To Make Your Own Dialogue Driven Animation

Adding high quality lip sync to your animation can be easy. Applying these techniques is 90% organization. 
The hardest part about lip sync in 2d is finding and then setting up the right tools for your film. I worked in with both Flash and After Effects to find the simplest method for me to animate a lot of dialogue. Flash CS4 won out due to the flexibility of the lip syncing tools.
I'd like to show you a couple of images and menus that I'm using to animate my short. These steps will get you set up to animate your own dialogue.
A. Setting Up The Imagery

Diagram A-1. The composite i
:icongargantuan-media:Gargantuan-Media 17 5
10 Tips to Improve your Art
This is a short summary of the – in my opinion – most important points I found all over the internet, while studying what it needs to improve your drawing and painting skills. I hope it will be helpful to many aspiring artists!
1. Learn the basics
Perspective, composition, color theory, anatomy, lighting & shading – this may be boring, but it's very important. You have to understand the basics to have a foundation to build on.
Also start with realism. You can simplify it to comics or Manga once you have mastered the fundamentals.
2. Have the right attitude
Don't rely on talent alone. Expensive equipment or an art school won't automatically make your artworks brilliant. Don't expect anyone to teach you, but study on your own. You have to work hard to become a good artist. Don't give up, if you really want it.
3. Start early and have a plan
Start working on your art
:iconbernuviel:Bernuviel 387 80
Digital art: good to know/tutorials PART_5
Lets review some basics for photoshop, and how you can optimize it so it works better. As well as painting hair :lol:
If you know about some tutorials that can be helpful to other artists, note me, thank you :heart:
Ppl who suggested a few tuts: Yodon, RetSamys, DonguriArt, Pencil-Stencil ty :heart:
For more visit their youtube channel:
Digital art: good to know/tutorials

Steve Argyle Lesson video (this is just part 1, theres more on their yt channel) :
For more visit their youtube channel:

Advanced layer Tutorial by zevenstormsUpdate JPG vs PNG Tutorial by computercomedyguyWacom Starter's Guide 2011 by fox-orian
Getting Started: Setting Up the Tablet by CGCookieThe Pen Tool Is Your Friend by AeollPen Tool Paths Create Designs by nmsmith
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts AZERTY by ensombrecer
Painting hair
PS - quick hair tutorial by ceruleanvii:thumb48064074
:iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 109 23
Digital art: good to know/tutorials PART_4
Hey all! :hug:
PART_1 ! Sketching/referencing/anatomy etc.
PART_2 ! General digital painting
PART_3 ! Color, perspective, composition, value
Lets learn how to draw and paint eyes :aww:
If you know about some tutorials that can be helpful to other artists, note me, thank you :heart:
Ppl who suggested a few tuts: Yodon, RetSamys, DonguriArt, Pencil-Stencil ty :heart:
Drawing and Painting: Eyes

Drawing a realistic eye by EdanaEye Tutorial What the heck by floortjesart
:thumb246187155:Eye tutorial - in color by liigaTiny tips: Keep an eye out by Ranarh
Eye tutorial - an update by acidlullabyPaiting eye by AURORYNew thing by AURORY
an unfinished wip forever by AURORYNEW - Eye step by step. by ElyBibiSemi-realism Eyes tutorial by FeliceMelancholie
:thumb166075170:Eye Tutorial by Bonnie-AnneDrawing a realistic eye by Edana
Realistic eye tutorial by BlattaphileTutorial Photoshop n2 EYE by ElyBibiRealistic Eye Tutorial by DeeKay130
Fantasy Eyes Tutorial by JoJoesArt:t
:iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 155 29
Digital painting tutorials PART_3
Hey all! :hug:
PART_1 ! Sketching/referencing/anatomy etc.
PART_2 ! General digital painting
And part 3 :la: About Color, perspective, composition, value. 
Super tired... zzzzzzzzzz.....
If you know about some tutorials that can be helpful to other artists, note me, thank you :heart:
Ppl who suggested a few tuts: Yodon, RetSamys, DonguriArt, Pencil-Stencil ty :heart:
Feng Zhu Realtime Fantasy Landscape Painting video:
For more visit their youtube channel:

Tutorial 10 How to have six' with colours by AquaSixioArt Tutorial: Color Theory by Xadrea
COLOR Primer - :Color + Value: by ziinyuQuick and Dirty Color Theory by DarlingMionettecolor selection by oione
A Note on Light and Colour by toerningBlue Reflected Light by toerningThe Color Tutorial - Part 1 by sashas
The Color Tutorial - Part 2 by sashasQuick and Dirty Color Theory by DarlingMionetteHow I See Color - A Tutorial by glitchedpuppet
Color Theory Crash Course by pronouncedyouA lesson about colors by Pompuri
:iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 136 16
Digital painting tutorials PART_2
Hey all! :hug:
PART_1 ! Sketching/referencing/anatomy etc.
Alright, here we go, this is part 2. You can say its about general painting, but its mostly about painting faces :P I tried to cut down a little with thumbnails :giggle:
Umm, before I forget, make sure to check this one out , Pencil-Stencil told me about it, and I found some really useful stuff there :nod: Part 3 will probably be about eyes, lips, skin and blending, and it will be up in a few days.
If you know about some tutorials that can be helpful to other artists, note me, thank you :heart:
Ppl who suggested a few tuts: Yodon, RetSamys, DonguriArt, Pencil-Stencil ty :heart:
sheppardarts () painting video:
For more visit their youtube channel:
melaniedelon () painting video:
You can find her brushes here: youtube channel: ht
:iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 219 34



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I was tagged! :iconheartrollplz:
by :iconajm-fairytail: yay! :iconkissingplz:

--- The Rules: ---

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2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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Questions from :iconajm-fairytail:

1. Favorite Color?
  I really like orange.
2. Favorite Food?
  I looove chinese food
3. Anime or Manga?
  Manga! But I really like anime too.
4. Water or Soda?
5. Favorite Song?… hehehe :iconyeahplz:
6. Favorite Singer?
  I have a lot of them x'D But I guess.... Axl Rose because his voice is one of a kind *.*
7. Summer or Winter?
  Summer! But it's killing me! It's soooo hot! >.<
8. Favorite Number?
9. Your Musical Instrument?
  I never learnt to play any instruments, but if I had it would be the violin ^^
10. Describe ^^
  I think it's a good community for artists to hangout at x'D (I don't know what else to say)

My Questions
1. Digital or traditional art?
2. Favourite anime or manga?
3. Favourite movie?
4. Coffee or tea?
5. River or sea?
6. Favourite book?
7. Favourite painting program?
8. What do you fear most?
9. Favourite art supply?
10. Melon or Watermelon?

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